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Tata Dindin

Tata Dindin / Salam - New Kora Music

Salam - New Kora Music

Tata Dindin, whose real name is Ebraima Jobarteh, is descended from the family which, for generations, has produced the greatest kora players. True mastery of the kora harp, revered in West Africa as "the instrument of kings", requires enormous technical skill.

In Tata Dindin’s performance, "a microcosm of African traditions is woven on the loom of magical rhythms and meditative playing". (Journal Frankfurt)

In his hands, the strings of the kora produce sounds so plaintively songlike that they really get under your skin. Tata Dindin’s breathtaking virtuosity, his gentle and emotively expressive voice and his original compositions based on ancient traditions have made him one of the country’s most popular musician and a youth idol.

"Tata Dindin draws warm, clear tones from the gourd of his kora and packs his lyrics with messages to the young people of the world, uniting the audience in an experience that defies description." (Mainzer Rhein-Zeitung)

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