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  • 01 Frühlingstraum
  • 03 Trüll Masolke - Husmusig J
  • 11 Übern Laurenziberg
  • 12 Franzé - Citoller Tanzgeig
  • 19 Was waars denn ums Lebn ohn


Various / Music from the Old World

Music from the Old World

The authenic Alpine music presented on this album has a rich tradition.

No archive in the world has a collection of classic Alpine folk music to vie with that of the German broadcasting corporation WDR.

Keyboards and kitsch have been eschewed on this album, which is intended to introduce listeners to the region’s wide range of styles, instruments and traditions. Alphorn players, yodellers and "Schwyzerörgeli" (accordian) players, the most famous bands and the Appenzeller Space Schöttl with their rather tongue-in-cheek approach to the music of their homeland. At their Cologne gig, the Cittoller Tanzgeiger from Steiermark astonished the audience with some truly electrifying centuries-old music, while the Familie Engel from Tyrol have a distinctly Baroque chamber music sound. The sentimental songs of the Inntaler Sänger are subtly accompanied on the zither.

And if you never knew a saxophone could yodel, just wait until you hear the jazzy Bavarian folk music of the Interpreten.

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