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Carmen Linares

Carmen Linares / Desde el alma - Cante Flamenco en vivo

Desde el alma - Cante Flamenco en vivo

Carmen Linares is widely acknowledged as the greatest living Flamenco singer.

In Spain, where she has won many major competitions, including the Arte Flamenco, she is known as the Queen of Song. Her breathtakingly expressive voice vibrates with passion as she plumbs the dark depths and brilliant heights of the cante flamenco.

Carmen Linares is accompanied by a percussionist and two guitarists who follow every nuance of her voice in the true Flamenco tradition, with an almost uncanny ability to anticipate each change of mood, however sudden or subtle.

"Straight No Chaser", bible of the British acid jazz scene, claimed that "Linares has been the foremost exponent of Spain’s most intoxicating vocal style since 1968.

There is an urgency and naked passion surrounding Carmen Linares’ work which defies all clichés"; this is how the London listings magazine Time Out put it: "She torques around the gaps of conventional diatonic tuning as a muezzin does. Her flamenco is so concentrated that you hear only music."

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